About Us

Technology is rapidly and unpredictably changing the way we live and how businesses operate around the world. 

Since 2015, ACRI works with customers to maintain their competitiveness in place with advanced technology and drive their operational performance with manufacturing, operation, and automation solutions. We offer a variety of tracking and sensor solutions for your business or personal use and control systems for the transportation industry. 

Our research and development team is committed to providing customized solutions and expertise to enable companies to deal with unaddressed needs and improve their operations. 

We analyze and upgrade inefficient processes, skillfully manage client-specific projects, and provide customized insights for our customers to transform and elevate their business. 

We will apply our expertise and proven processes to resolve complex problems. Our goal is to modernize, automate, ease the process, and reduce redundancy to allow companies to operate efficiently and stay on the cutting edge.

Our mission is to enable the next generation of smart manufacturing to create innovative solutions for our valued customers across various industries. With our technical expertise, we are here to bring innovative solutions, quality, and customer satisfaction.