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Elevator Door Controller

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General Features of DC-DOOR Automatic Elevator Door Controller

- Suitable for EN81-20 standards.

- 20V-22V AC or 24V-30V DC operating voltage is available.

- Suitable for centered and telescobic doors.

- Features such as motor reduction ratio, motor speed, drive pulley circumference can be entered manually.

- There are 2 types of motor protection in DC DOOR. These protections are Overload and Short Circuit Protection.

- Encoder voltage works with 5VDC.

- It recognizes the limits without the need for a limit switch.

- High resolution automatic distance measurement is available.

- Recognizes obstacles with jamming algorithm and gives an audible warning.

- It has usage counter and demo mode.

- It has a user-friendly interface and easy parameter access.

- Turkish and English language options are available.

- It works smoothly in case of power cuts with battery support.

- CANopen is available as Relay and Basic variant.

- Plug and play via CAN interface.

- Easy installation.

- Isolated inputs/outputs are available.

- Smooth door opening and closing with the support of S smoothing.

- It has Overload and Short Circuit Protection features.